Nestwave to present at IEEE/ION PLANS 2020 conference

Nestwave is honored to have been selected to present two papers at the PLANS 2020 conference organized by the Institute of Navigation (ION) in Portland, April 2020. This prestigious conference takes place every two years, and assembles the leaders of the position, location and navigation space.

The first paper ( presents important innovations for the Location Solver. Nestwave’s solution improves the global solution (as opposed to local) of the Location Solver and proposes important additions to the 4G and 5G positioning standards. It also improves handling of outliers. The solution has also been implemented for LoRa geolocation, and is integrated with Nestwave’s cloud-based geolocation server.

The second paper ( presents a novel, cost effective and highly efficient method for multipath mitigation. This method works in practical environments with dense multipath as well as in Non-Line of Sight conditions. It has been successfully applied to GNSS, 4G and LoRa positioning.

The complete program of the conference can be found here:

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