Introducing the New Nestwave Brand

In a world increasingly dependent on the ‘internet of things’, Nestwave is making accurate positioning a possibility for every single IoT node. Our innovative technologies enable the proliferation of IoT geolocation by providing the smallest, most efficient and lowest component count solutions.

Ultimately, Nestwave is in the business of ‘locating things’. Which is why we decided that ‘Locating Things’ would make the perfect tagline to accompany our new brand identity.

Alongside the tagline and a refreshed colour palette the most noticeable change is a new, modernized logo. As well as being clearer and more dynamic, this logo is incredibly versatile – so whether you’re viewing a tiny icon on a mobile phone or a large-scale exhibition screen, you’ll instantly recognize the Nestwave Identity.

But of course we understand that branding goes beyond logos, taglines and colours. The Nestwave brand clearly defines our vision and mission, our core values and key attributes that include in-depth expertise, innovation and an ability to solve complex problems by working in close partnership with our customers.

That’s why the Nestwave brand is something that our employees live and breathe as they develop solutions that bring accurate and reliable indoor and outdoor geolocation to a wide variety of space-limited, low-power-budget IoT applications.

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