Ultra-low-power geolocation for the IoT

Nestwave delivers the smallest, lowest power and most cost-effective geolocation solutions. Our innovative NestCore IP and NestCloud cloud services meet the needs of chipmakers, module makers and businesses looking to integrate accurate indoor and outdoor geolocation into their products and services using the minimum of components.

High Cost, low battery life and the need for dedicated hardware are limitations to the mass market deployment of conventional positioning solutions. Nestwave’s technologies overcome these limitations and unlock new opportunities by eliminating the need for dedicated positioning chipsets and opening the way to making accurate geolocation viable for every single IoT node.

Compared with conventional hardware-based designs, Nestwave’s solutions reduce component count and bill of materials (BoM) cost and dramatically extend battery life. As well as improving existing applications, the unprecedented size, BoM and power savings realized using Nestwave’s innovative technology enable geolocation in applications where previously it would have been impractical.

And by combining lower power consumption with the use of fewer components, Nestwave solutions contribute to environmental sustainability and reduced carbon footprints.

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